How to Use Bus in Japan?

🚌🇯🇵 Navigating Japan’s Bus System Like a Pro!

1️⃣ Find Your Route: Use apps like ‘Google Maps’, ‘Japan Travel’ or local bus route apps to plan your journey and know which bus to take.

2️⃣ Boarding and Tickets: In most cases, enter the bus from the rear door. Take a ticket from the machine, it’ll indicate your boarding point.

3️⃣ Fare Display: A digital display above the driver shows the fare for each stop. Match your ticket’s number with the display.

4️⃣ Paying Your Fare: Pay as you exit the bus at the front. Insert your ticket and exact change into the fare box or tap your IC card (Suica, Pasmo, etc.)

5️⃣ Thank the Driver: It’s customary to say ‘Arigatou Gozaimasu’ (Thank you) to the driver as you leave.

Conquer the Japanese bus system and explore even the most hidden gems!🗾🚏

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