Tempura Origins

🍤 Debunking the Tempura Myth! 🇯🇵 vs. 🇵🇹

1️⃣ Not Ancient Japan: Contrary to popular belief, #Tempura isn’t an ancient Japanese culinary art.

2️⃣ Portuguese Origins: Surprise! The concept was introduced to #Japan by Portuguese traders in the 16th century.

3️⃣ Namban Cuisine: Tempura is part of ‘Namban’ (Southern Barbarian) cuisine, a term for Western influences in Japanese food.

4️⃣ Evolution Over Time: While its origins may be foreign, Japan has fully embraced and refined tempura, making it uniquely their own.

5️⃣ Beyond Seafood & Veggies: Tempura has evolved in Japan, including modern takes with cheese, mushrooms, and even ice cream!

Ever wondered about the history of your crispy shrimp tempura? Turns out, it’s a fusion of cultures! 🍤🌍

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