Quick Tips : Tokyo’s lesser-known but equally delicious food scene

🍱 Discover Tokyo’s hidden food gems with these local favorites! 🍜 Here’s your guide to experiencing the city like a true Tokyoite:

1️⃣ Chanko Nabe: This hearty hotpot meal is a staple diet of sumo wrestlers. Visit Ryogoku, Tokyo’s sumo district, to savor this protein-packed delight.

2️⃣ Fukagawa Meshi: A local delicacy of Tokyo’s old downtown (Shitamachi), Fukagawa Meshi is a savory clam and miso rice dish that’s a must-try in Monzen-Nakacho area.

3️⃣ Monjayaki: Explore Tsukishima district, renowned for Monjayaki, a Tokyo-style savory pancake. Cook it yourself at your table for a fun dining experience!

4️⃣ Unagi: Grilled eel, or Unagi, is a Tokyo summer tradition. Try this in Yanagibashi, a district known for its decades-old Unagi restaurants.

5️⃣ Depachika Delights: Depachika are the food halls found in the basements of Tokyo’s department stores. They’re a food paradise offering a variety of local and seasonal delicacies.

Discover the authentic Tokyo through its local cuisine. Itadakimasu or, as we locals say, meshiagare! 🍚🍢

Which local Tokyo dish would you love to try? Share in the comments below!

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